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At two and a half weeks old, this little pinkie pie was not getting a lot of shut eye during our session. I’m pretty sure she just wanted to be left alone lol. Well too bad for her! Mom, Dad and I wanted to capture her at this cuddly age and as a Mom myself, I know how fast it goes by. Before you know it they are walking and you’ve forgotten to photograph the milestones. Never fear, Foto Fresca is here! (Ya I wrote that! Quel fromage!)

Pink definitely suits this little lovey. These adorable mohair pants are so soft and fuzzy and perfect for her (plus I could slip them on while she was nursing so perfect for me too! 🙂 She is a spring treasure in her little nest, eyes open and ready to learn surrounded by fresh green and pink colours.

Big sister is a self determined girl who is sure to take her little sister along on her adventures. She’s not too interested in hanging around looking sweet for the camera (even though she is sooooo sweet!) but we managed to catch this moment of the two of them together before snack break (did you know raspberries fit perfectly on the end of your fingers? But only if you are two!)

We had a lot of laughs together in this session. Mom and Dad were super easy going and we joked all the way through. Personally I think laughter is absolutely essential to surviving parenthood so I wish this gorgeous, fun, go with the flow family many years of giggles and belly laughs.

bonnet, headbands and mohair pants by uniquekidz

photographs by Chenoa

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