Winnipeg Newborn Photographers I Happy Family

This happy family recently welcomed their second child, a son. Luckily, Dad was able to be home from work overseas to join in the photos. These boys are very loved by their Grandmother, Grandfather, Mom and Dad and radiated happiness in their matching, bright red fabrics. Big brother is a busy boy but I wrangled him into a few sweet poses with his fam jam and little bro. Pretending to steal his bottle of water and drinking it produced squeals and giggles followed by a suspicious look that said “wait a minute, you are giving that back right?” Through all of the activity this cute little freshie slept on and on (thank goodness!) and had no idea he was being dressed up as an elf and a bear 😉  I hope to see him back to celebrate his 100 days!

Bear hat by uniquekidz

Photos by Chenoa

1-newborn-family-baby-sibling-toddler-studio-photography 2-newborn-baby-boy-bear-ears-bed-blue-fur 3-newborn-baby-boy-foto-fresca-brown-blue-bear-ears-hat

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