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How cute is this little guy who perpetually has a teeny, little smile curling up his lips? I’m making up a new term: “resting sweet face”. I hope it catches on! #restingsweetface  Pass it on!

He slept like a dream through his whole session which is a funny contrast because he came into the world like a steam roller! For a first baby, his birth was fast. I hope he takes it easy on his mom and lets HER get some rest by hanging out with Dad. This proud and encouraging papa is smitten with his new addition and never misses a beat. He knows kids and is going to be a terrific Dad!

Our peaceful dreamer’s gorgeous, loving mom brought her favourite toy for a photo, and by chance it perfectly matched this sweet hoodie romper from Kari at snugglywunkins! I had to give our little bear stuffy some camera time too.

This family is so sweet and I wish them a first year full of wonder and amazement.

I do have one minor parenting suggestion for mom and dad; wear your raincoats!

Images by Chenoa

grey striped romper hoodie by Snugglywunkins

bear hat by Uniquekidz

wool bear stuffy by Lolly’s Handmade Crafts

teal layering blanket by Melina


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