Winnipeg Newborn Baby Photographer | This Girl is a Fighter!

This beautiful little lady was born a fighter. She arrived into this world about 7 weeks early and weighed a tiny 3 pounds. But, here she is after 11 weeks of showing her family that she is here to stay, no matter what it takes. I loved how she made such incredible eye connection. It was like she was speaking to me, sometimes telling me that there was no way she was going to sleep – lets party lady (hehe)!  She also adored being swaddled and was notorious for sucking in her bottom lip. So cute!

I am so happy we were able to capture such a variety of newborn portraits of her. One that will be very special for her mama and grandma is the image you see below on the purple fabric. Her mommy used to wrap her in the mauve coloured scarf at the hospital and it actually belongs to grandma. Or should I say, it once belonged to grandma because I have a feeling you’re not getting that back 😉

Her big brother Sully was nothing short of an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top! He really does love his sister and the way he pronounces her name just melted my heart! Thank you mom and dad for connecting with me. I’m so glad we could find a date to capture your little fighters spirit and beauty!

Grey & Mauve Bonnet: Uniquekidz
White Mohair Bonnet and Bow Headband: Snugglywunkins
Photos by: Elena Ward

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