Winnipeg Family Photographers I Night Owl

I don’t think too many of us would be very smiley after being up all night with a fever so I’m pretty impressed that this adorable boy put up with me following him around with a camera (and he didn’t even have coffee!)

The fall colours were stunning on this beautiful day in early October and I think all of Winnipeg was out at St. Vital Park to enjoy it, so we headed off to find a quiet spot in the trees. If you ever need some (low) hills you can find them here (if you are a prairie person you will know these are few and far between!) Our little prince loved to adventure off on his own and had a great time re-arranging the blankets! He’s a calm and chill kind of guy so swinging in the blanket was not producing the giggles we wanted so we explored the little red bridge. He likes to check everything out with Mom and Dad nearby. He’s a thoughtful and observant child who perhaps assesses the situation before going in. The intelligence of his parents is definitely reflected in his serious but watchful expression and the way they allow him to lead while guiding him gently.

Ducks and Geese were a hit as he pointed them out and said each one’s name, which was of course, “duck”. He was very comfortable getting close to the birds despite being right at eye level! As we walked back to the car and I caught a few more shots on the way I explained to mom how I often find that the best photos happen right near the end of the session when everyone is more comfortable, despite being a little tired. Her boy was yawning but patient and played some peek a boo around a tree but the best part was when we made a game out of stealing his soother. His giggle was precious and absolutely made my day (next time maybe I’ll try that at the beginning of the session 😉

I sure hope their house was quiet Sunday night so everyone could get a good sleep before Monday!

Photos by Chenoa

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