Winnipeg Family Photographers | Autumn at its Best!

When the weather is this beautiful and the trees are blazing with colour, I really miss doing outdoor family portrait sessions. So when this incredible woman, who happens to be part of my tribe, asked if I would photograph her and her munchkins, I didn’t have to think twice. She is one of those people that everyone needs in their life. So full of determination, encouragement, bravery, kindness and fun. Plus, she gives the best bear hugs and makes savoury sweets for me all the time, so that settled it.

We set off on a warm and sunny evening last week to explore my favourite areas of Birds Hill Provincial Park. We played in the forest and the tall grassy fields. Her son was a superstar at making me work for smiles, but then again what kid doesn’t 😉

I’m so in love with the last image in this blog post! I know that as a mom, it is hard to get yourself in front of the camera, but I applaud each and every one of you for doing it. One day, no matter how you felt on the day of your photo shoot, you all will look at the images and reflect on how cute your kids were and how young you looked. You can never get that back, so curate these times as often as you can!
Photos by: Elena

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