Winnipeg Baby Photographers I two months old!

Look out big sister, she’s cute and little now, but you’ve got a smart one on your hands 😉


This little lady put me through my paces but the smiles at the end were absolutely worth it! We had a lot to get through, but don’t worry, SHE had it all figured out 🙂 First she would make it look like she was sleeping by keeping her eyes just barely open so she knew what we were up to, then, she would try on some dresses because . . . obviously her sister thought it was fun (truthfully I think we could have played dress up all day because her sister never ran out of smiles or fun accessories to try!), afterward, she’d stay awake as long as she could and listen to her favourite song “you are my sunshine” sung my Mom until her eyes were practically rolling back in her head, followed by a quick tummy nap and for her final hoorah, more tummy time and giggles with her dad, who is clearly hilarious! This bright eyed baby was so much fun to interact with, looking at me when I called her name and gazing around the studio studying all of the baby faces. Her fluffy black hair was so cute and downy that it would just stick right up no matter how much mom tried to smooth it down 🙂

magenta romper and felt flower headband by snugglywunkins

hats and headbands by uniquekidz

Photos by Chenoa


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