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About a month ago, I met mom and dad for their maternity session on what would possibly be the day of their baby’s arrival. However, their little baby girl would take her time and make mama endure almost one more week of pre-labour. It may not seem like a big deal, but their little one was not so little – she was a 10 pound bundle that just wanted to hang on a little longer. Maybe it was because she was waiting for her big sister and grandma to arrive from Nigeria.

This family’s story had a profound effect on me. It has given me a renewed appreciation for how lucky I was to be born in this country. This family has made sacrifices I cannot even imagine making, but for good reason. Five years ago, dad made the journey to Canada to get settled, re-educated to our standards, and employed. Two years later, mom came, but not with their daughter who would have been about 6 years old at the time. Mom would go through the same process as dad and they would wait patiently for another three years before their daughter could join them. Luckily, she had a spectacular grandma to watch over her and take such good care.

On the day of their newborn session, they arrived with a full car – much to my surprise! It had only been a day or two since their daughter arrived accompanied by grandma…all the way from Nigeria. I was so thrilled by this exciting news that we spent a majority of the time photographing an amazing collection of family photos that will mark a new beginning for this incredible family. They even brought along traditional outfits from home which were a burst of colour (and you know how much I adore colour). I am so honoured to have been their curator, their documenter, of this huge milestone in their lives.

I have so many memories from this session that I will hold dear. I wish only the very best for these wonderful people. Big sister will be starting her new school next week and I hope all the children embrace her with open arms. She has been through more than any child her age should. I hope her new Canadian life brings her happiness, success and a whole lotta fun. I know she will make a fabulous big sister. She was so comfortable and in awe of her new baby sister during the photo shoot. Cheers to happy endings!

Rose v-back romper, pillow & headband: Snugglywunkins
Pink bear hat & gold leaf halo headband: Uniquekidz

Photos by: Elena


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