Winnipeg Baby Photographers I Cuteness Overload!

You may not know this about me but I have spent 15 wonderful and creative years as an art specialist educating some amazing high school students and artists. When Elena and I put out a model call this summer, I was blessed to re-connect with this gorgeous, creative and special woman and mom who was in one of my first Visual Art classes AND happened to have just had her second baby! There are certain students who make a mark on you as a teacher and I felt so honoured to hold and soothe her second child. I think you will agree that her daughters are so sweet and absolutely adorable! They both took my breath away.

Unfortunately, Dad had to be away for work so I wasn’t able to see how he’s changed since his teen years (these two parents were high school sweethearts!) but Grandma was able to stand in for him and help with her little angel, granddaughter number 1! I am in love with this 3 generation portrait that feels so warm and tender.

I am also giddy over the colours and accessories, provided by uniquekidz and snugglywunkins, that were chosen for this session. Gold, mermaid tail (as my daughter calls it) and coral. It’s bold but harmonious and soft at the same time and baby was so co-operative we were able to try her in so many poses and settings. It was especially fitting that she wound up in an egg basket at the end of the sesh because this little freshie is named after a bird (just like my daughter and myself – aww 🙂 ) I really can’t take the cuteness overload! I might go cute-atonic! Enjoy!

Photos by Chenoa

white romper by snugglywunkins

hats and headbands by uniquekidz


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