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Its hard to know where to begin when this incredible couple filled their day with so much excitement and visual treats. It probably makes most sense to start where their day began. Getting ready for the ladies entailed three lovely princesses dancing around a house filled with their beautiful mamas, grandma and the stunning bride! There were so many details that completed this peacocks and feathers theme. I mean, common there was a peacock purse, bouquets adorned with feathers, and sentimental touches such as a photo of ancestors in a pendant hanging from the brides bouquet.

The gentlemen prepared for the day at a separate location where the bride and grooms son clearly stole the show with his infectious smile and determination to do up his own tuxedo jacket. Once the men (and littlest man) were ready, they met up with us at the bride and grooms home for a First Look. If you are not familiar with this new tradition, it is essentially a quiet opportunity where the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time. Luckily for me and my second photographer, we get the only seats in town (and maybe a few curious neighbours)!  It really made sense to do this special moment on the front steps of their home, where they have raised a gorgeous daughter and sweet as pie son.

After the First Look, everyone piled into the limo (frequently referred to as the limbo by the kids). We headed off to the Manitoba Legislative Building, Miss Browns, and Red River College in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Over the course of a couple of hours we explored and photographed them having fun, sipping Coke, smooching, singing, laughing and living it up! We even picked up a cupcake at Cake-ology for one of the flower girls who was sharing her birthday with her auntie and uncle on their wedding day!

When it was time for the ceremony, we headed to the Royal Western Aviation Museum where the hanger was all decked out for a wedding. Just as they were about to read their vows, a plane decided to take off just outside the hanger. No sweat though, they carried on and would later re-read those vows for everyone to hear at dinner.

The reception was decorated to perfection! I honestly think this bride should become a wedding decorator. There were so many delicate and well thought out details my jaw dropped when I saw it all. They also had a yumerific cake lovingly created by the brides aunt, complete with fresh flowers! The supper was devine – honestly, the BEST wedding meal I have ever had.

The real show belonged to the kids who loved the dance floor and the tiny laser lights. I’m sure they were exhausted by the end of the night.

Thank you Kara and David for choosing me to capture not only this special day for you, but all the other milestones that have lead to this day. You are both so kind and fun, and it is so rewarding being your photographer. Your children are the very sweetest kids around and I am confident when I say that they get their awesomeness from you both. Congratulations on your marriage!!

Photos by: Elena Ward

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