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All the way from Nigeria, this couple is on the verge of welcoming their baby into the world. In fact, they headed to the hospital right after their maternity session as mama was feeling like the time had come. After several hours of labour, the little one decided to stay in her belly a while longer. She is such a trouper and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable she must be feeling at this point.

Daddy is such an incredible support too. He helps her put on earrings, get dressed, tends to her dreadlocks and supports her in anyway possible. Such a prince!

But with all of the fun moments I enjoyed with them that day, I also had a really profound experience. Both mom and dad have endured so much to make their journey to Canada. The power of love kept them together for two years while they endured a long distant relationship. Their quest for a better life is not over yet, as they continue to wait hopefully for the rest of their family to join them. To be honest, it surprises me that any government (especially Canada’s) would separate a mother and child, but I am so hopeful for them that their daughter and grandma can get here in time for baby’s arrival. I wish only the happiest of endings for this incredible family and I look forward to meeting their new family member really soon!

Photos by: Elena


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