Cake Smash | Winnipeg Baby Girl Goes in for the Teal!

If I could order up me a little baby girl, this would be the one! Gah, she was so full of delight, happiness and oh so chill.  We blazed through the birthday portraits in record speed – like literally under 5 minutes with a wardrobe change. Even my 8 year old son cannot manage to get dressed that fast in the morning lol.

Her mama requested a teal set-up for her Cake Smash and so my mission began. As always my favourite local ladies came through for me! Delish and beautiful cake from Joanne’s Decadent Delights, chunky necklace from Mya Papaya Creations (who is always on the up-and-up with the latest trends, let me tell you), and my favourite outfit guru Snugglywunkins, who made the oh so lovely teal romper!

In general, I will shoot about 350 frames for a 1st birthday session. Maybe some will think that is ridiculous, but I refuse to miss any moment. For this shoot, I only needed to hit that shutter button 137 times and let me tell you, it will be a challenge to narrow them down she was SO GREAT. We finished the photo shoot in 47 minutes. Honestly, that has Never. Ever. Happened. Thank you baby girl! You rocked my Sunday morning 🙂   Oh yeah, and look at that head of locks – to die for!

Photos by: Elena

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